Plastic Pallets for Printing

Plastic Pallets for Printing
3B, 6, 7
175 mm
18 Kg to 61 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens Industrial offers:

The Printing Pallet non-stop pallet for high speed printing machines. Sizes 3B, 6 and 7. Our printing pallets have been designed for one of the leading manufacturers of large printing machines.

In order to meet the need for fast-changing printed material on modern printing machines, this pallet is produced with exceptionally tight tolerances. Its well-engineered construction gives it an extraordinarily high load-carrying capacity. The pallet is available in three standard sizes.


• Low tare weight
• Compatible with several logistic systems
• Rigid, robust and recyclable
• Easy to clean
• Company colours at request
• Max Load 1250kg / 2000kg / 2500kg

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