Heavy Duty

Robust, practical and functional
industrial packaging.

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shelf appeal

Looks, functionality and convenience
to strengthen your brand.

Saeplast Containers

Better than
all the rest

saeplast  built to last

When hygiene and durability matters


Strata products

A wide range of home, office,
garden and baby products.

Material Handling


Structural, decorative and control
components for the vehicle industry.

Manufacturer of Plastics, Packaging & Containers

RPC Promens is a world leader in the design and engineering of plastic products with
29 factories in 14 countries

Shaping Plastics Beyond The Obvious

We create innovative packaging solutions for many end markets, including food & drink, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceutical, automotive, and household and industrial chemicals, as well as advanced technical components for sectors such as light and heavy vehicles, and electronics.

Our expertise in design and manufacturing and in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve enable us to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in plastics processing.

A product for every purpose
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