Cruzer 300 Litre Plastic Container With Wheels

Cruzer 300 Litre Plastic Container With Wheels
Volume Range:
300L - Max 400kg
1500 mm
600 mm
800 mm
75 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

The 300 Litre Cruzer developed especially for deliveries larger than the bucket or drum volume and for deliveries to customers with no available forklift trucks for handling.

Features of the 300 Litre Cruzer Container:

• This is a container on wheels with a bottom outlet that can be connected to processing systems.
• The frame of this new container is also rotomoulded from a special PE material to give it a rigid structure.
• The bottle is designed to allow 100% drainage and can be fitted with a choice of 3 different outlet valves.
• The wheels and the integrated handgrips make the container easy to maneuver, even in the absence of forklift trucks or when negotiating narrow doorways, making it possible for the owner of the Cruzer to supply his liquid product to a wider range of customer.
• Using this multi-trip Cruzer, rather than the usual bucket or drum packaging, will give both supplier and customer improved handling efficiency and at the same time reduce the amount of packaging.
• The Cruzer is designed for ease of cleaning and contains no corrosive parts.
• The material is fully approved for contact with food, and offers attractive as well as functional design.


Application                            The Cruzer is a 300-litres container on wheels, with a bottom outlet that can be connected to existing processing systems 
Maximum density Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1.2 kg/liter
Material Chassis: Stainless Steel 1, 4301 (304)
Net Volume (litres) 300 litres
Stacking Non stackable 
Outlet Height (mm) 461
Outlet Depth (mm) 143
Inlet Height (mm) 1454
Inlet Depth (mm) 329
Certification Food approved
Outlet   DN 32: Ball valve PVC, EPDM or NBR gasket
DN 50: Ball valve PP, EPDM gasket
DN 50: Butterfly valve SS 1,4401 (316), silicone gasket
Connection DN 32: Ball valve PVC: G1¼” Inner thread
DN 50: Ball valve PP: 2” Camlock adapter
DN 50: Butterfly valve SS 1,4401 (316): DIN405 Outer knuckle thread
Inlet Screw lid 150 mm, EPDM gasket (optional: Viton), sealing possible
Labels Safety label Optional: Customer specific information on label 
Venting Vacuum vent
Colour Tank White translucent
Colour Holder Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow 
Wheels 2x swivel castor with brake and 2x fixed castors, blue PU tire tread

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