Our sustainability commitment

Our plastic packaging solutions can do much to support
the more sustainable world that we are all seeking.

Plastics’ low carbon and resource efficiency are valuable environmental
benefits. We design our packs to be as light weight and to use as little
material as possible while still providing the equally valuable benefits
of safety, protection, hygiene, functionality and durability so that
every pack is fit for the purpose intended.

We are equally committed to minimising the impact of our own
manufacturing operations on the environment with initiatives such as
improved energy efficiencies, water saving, preventing pellet loss
and reducing waste sent to landfill.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a critical factor in the design of all our products, and we take into account many different factors that can affect their overall environmental profile. Advanced lightweighting techniques ensure products are as light and material efficient as possible while retaining full functionality to provide the right levels of protection and convenience throughout the supply chain.

Typical design considerations include careful selection of materials (including mono-material solutions wherever possible) and manufacturing techniques to help minimise a finished product’s impact on the environment. We examine opportunities for the incorporation of recycled material, and any potential for reuse or repurposing of the product at its end-of-life.

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Responsible Sourcing,
Sustainable Materials

We are a major user of recycled plastics in many of our products, including storage boxes, garden containers and waste bins; and we are constantly exploring opportunities for new materials such as biopolymers. In choosing the most appropriate material for each application, we seek to balance sustainability requirements with meeting the needs of the manufacturer and filler, and the end consumer.

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Our Manufacturing Operations

From the introduction of more efficient manufacturing machines and energy-efficient lighting to the use of green energy and recovery of material for reuse, we are continuously working to improve the environmental impact of our factories. Through the RPC Group we are supporters of various national and international environmental campaigns, including Operation Clean Sweep, which aims to reduce pellet loss to the environment from plastic conversion operations.

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