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Through its Sustainability Matters programme, the RPC Group is committed to the continuing development of products that help our customers meet their environmental goals, as well as minimising the impact of our own operations through reduced electricity and water consumption and other energy-saving initiatives.

The programme also seeks to promote the many sustainable benefits of plastics including light weight, low carbon, food protection and preservation, and recyclability.

In line with this, RPC Promens works to ensure best environmental practice throughout all its locations, and to encourage similar high standards from its suppliers. Equally important, our new product development programme is strongly focused on incorporating sustainability benefits to support plastics’ many other advantages.

To date these have included a number of ‘firsts’:

  • The first lightweight 130g UN approved free-standing 5 litre jerrycan for the transportation of hazardous products
  • The first 20 litre drum made exclusively from recycled plastic
  • The first UN-approved combi pack incorporating a container made from renewable resources

For more information please visit the RPC Group's Sustainability page.


RPC Group Sustainability


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