VARIBOX® Intermediate Bulk Container

VARIBOX® Intermediate Bulk Container
Volume Range:
1330 mm
1200 mm
1000 mm
105 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

Varibox® - Benefit from Safety

The VARIBOX® IBC is tough enough to take whatever you throw at it. It’s proof of our many decades of expertise and proven reliability in this field. Built-in reinforcement in the double layer cover is designed to protect the container and ensure your VARIBOX® provides long-lasting service.

The integrated vents automatically open while your customers safely dispense your product. All they have to do is open the discharge valve – there’s no need for them to remove the cap. A pressure release system is provided for products that cause a pressure build-up.

The robust discharge valve makes sure your products stay safely inside the VARIBOX® container, trip after trip. The large valve keeps your products flowing swiftly and smoothly. A dip tube with a leak-free quick connector for discharging from the top of the container is also available as an option

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Application The VARIBOX is a reusable IBC for the transport and storage of chemicals and food products
Period of usage The VARIBOX has been designed to have an active life of 10 years meeting the current 5 years legal limit on the inner bottle
Maximum density Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1.9 kg/litres
Material Bottle Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material Cover Polyethylene (LLDPE) with integrated steel reinforcement, recyclable
Material Pallet Recycled polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Gross volume (litres) 1040
Net volume (litres) 1000


Technical Information 

Net Height                                                                1310
Stacking Height (mm) 2635 (2 pieces)
Stacking Load (kg) 2084 (dynamic)
Transport Quantity (pieces) 52 per truck 
Outlet Height (mm) 218
Outlet Depth (mm) 73
Inlet Height (mm) 1290
Inlet Depth (mm) 330
UN Certification Number UN 31HH1/Y/**-- /B/PROMENS1/110260/3751/2084
Standard Liquid Approvals Maximal density (g/cm3)
Water 1.9
Nitric Acid 55% 1.6
Nictric Acid 62% (inner bottle max. 2 years) 1.4
Wetting Solution 1.6
n-Butyl acetate 1.6
White Spirit 1.6
Inlet Screw cap 150 mm, EPDM gasket (optional: Viton), sealing possible
Outlet 2” Ball valve PP, EPDM gasket (optional: Viton), sealing possible
Connection Or: 2” Camlock quick connector
Or: 2” Female thread
Optional: Integrated Dip Tube Or: 2” Camlock quick connector

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