VARIBOX® Full Containment - Intermediate Bulk Container

VARIBOX® Full Containment - Intermediate Bulk Container
Volume Range:
800L, 1000L
1160 mm to 1330 mm
1200 mm
1000 mm
111 Kg to 120 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

Our durable reusable VARIBOX® IBC container with integrated Full Containment for transport and storage of chemicals and food products.

For your Safety: The UN approved VARIBOX® Full Containment is double walled. This ensures that your products stay safely inside. There's no need to use additional spill pallets. Certified by the German DIBt.

For the Environment: The VARIBOX® is shaped like a bathtub. With the extractor tube in a sink this minimizes residues & waste. The pallet is manufactured from recycled material.

Support your Customer: The VARIBOX® is discharged from the top. Users safely connect to a leak-free extractor. No need to open caps or closures, no risk of contact with chemicals. The VARIBOX® creates a closed system.

For your Budget: The VARIBOX® is the true multi-trip container. It’s durability and reliability are proof of our many decades of expertise in this field. Together we can calculate what you can save on your packaging costs by using the VARIBOX®.

Features of the VARIBOX® IBC Full Containment:

• Designed to have an active life of 10 years respecting the 5 years legal limit on the inner container
• Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1900 kg/m3
• Second containment with dipstick for visual leak detection
• Screw cap 150 mm; EPDM gaskets (optional: Viton)
• Automatic vacuum relief vent (120l/min) in 150mm screw cap
• Optional high capacity overpressure vent
• Optional quick connection for extraction tubes for emptying
• Prepared for extractor tubes (VARIBOX FC 1000): QC (AS); DV (Micromatic)
• Optional quick connection for return line (VARIBOX FC 1000)
• Optional low level sensor and / or high level sensor (VARIBOX FC 1000)
• Colours: light blue, dark blue, red, orange, yellow, green, natural, (pallet: black)

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For technical information please download the VARIBOX® datasheet on the right hand side of this page in your preferred language.

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