Sæplast Plastic Buggie Range

Sæplast Plastic Buggie Range
Volume Range:
185 Litres
Tripe wall PE construction
70 mm
68 mm
80 mm
23 Kg
Optional Lid - 2.5Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Sæplast offers:

The Sæplast Buggie Range has been developed to meet the requirements of the food industry. The Sæplast 185 / 200 Buggy meat cart is double-walled with a PE core and a high strength factor. The Sæplast Buggy is built to withstand the harsh conditions and rough handling in the meat industry and other food processing, it is very sturdy and comes in several colours. The undercarriage has hard wearing nylon wheels with polyurethane tread. Stainless steel lifting brackets are integrated to facilitate thorough cleaning. Temperature tolerances range from -30°C to +60°C.

The Sæplast Buggy insulated plastic container can be used for example as an ice box, fish box, meat container, poultry and recycle container.


• Tailored to the requirements of the food industry
• Multifunctional -very low weight of 23 kg
• Multiple colours for colour coded zones
• Nylon wheels - stainless steel axles
• Optional lid available
• Extremely durable and robust
• Sæplast PE plastic containers last up to 6–10 times longer than plastic single wall options 
• The one piece seamless triple wall design improves hygiene control 
• Safer during handling and transport 
• Easy to clean, saving both water and sewerage costs

For further information about the range of Saeplast Containers, Wheeled Carts & Pallets visit www.saeplast.com                                                                                                                                                                                         

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