Plastic MultiWay IBC Container

Plastic MultiWay IBC Container
Volume Range:
600L, 835L, 1010L
980 mm to 1440 mm
1200 mm
1000 mm
69 Kg to 80 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

The MultiWay has been developed for use in the food industry where it meets the specific industry requirements in hygiene and ease of cleaning.

The smart design also takes into account cost effectiveness and environmental advantages.


• Tailored to the requirements of the food industry
• 300mm flat lid with silicon seal and stainless steel clamp ring
• 2-inch stainless steel butterfly valve
• Made of food grade LLDPE
• Easy to clean~
• Even at high temperature with steam
• Environmentally friendly, made of recyclable LLDPE
• Virtually maintenance free
• Low tare weight


Product MultiWay 600 F  MultiWay 850 F  MultiWay 1000 F
Application The Multiway is a reusable IBC which meets the hygiene and cleanliness demands of the food industry
Maximum Density Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1.6 kg/litre
Certification Food approved
Gross Volume (litres) 645 880 1055
Net Volume (litres) 600 835 1010
Net Height (mm) 950 1160 -
Stacking Height (only stationary) 1925 (max. 2 pcs) 2380 (max. 2 pcs) not stackable
Outlet Height (mm) 134 134 134
Outlet Depth (mm) 23 23 23
Inlet Height (mm) 921 1131 1411
Inlet Depth (mm) 357 357 357

2” Butterfly valve SS 1,4401 (316), silicone gasket

2” Ball valve PP, EPDM gasket


2" Butterfly valve SS 1,4401 (316): DIN405 Outer knuckle thread

2” Ball valve PP: 2” Camlock adapter


300 mm lid with stainless steel clamp ring, silicone gasket

Optional: Screw lid 150 mm, EPDM gasket (optional: Viton), sealing possible

Other Connections Optional: Integrated suction tube

Level indication

Optional: Customer specific information on plate, customer logo embossed in tank

Venting Optional: Vacuum relief vent, overpressure vent
Colour Tank White translucent, Light blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange
Colour Pallet Light grey

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