Plastic Grit Bins

Plastic Grit Bins
Volume Range:
200L, 300L, 500L
610 mm to 1050 mm
750 mm
1050 mm
17 Kg to 31 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

The Grit / Salt Bins are manufactured from LLDPE and have numerous features.

Features of the plastic grit bin:

• UV-stabilised for colour fastness
• Orange colour for visibility
• The lid is attached to the box using rigid PVC tubing through an interlocking knuckle, improving vandal resistance and eliminating corrosion
• Double closing device on front side lid to prevent unintended opening or securing of contents
• Double skinned, secure, close fitting, water-resistant lid
• Will withstand high and low temperatures
• These bins can also be used as calamity boxes, to store absorbent materials for (chemical) spills

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