Plastic Drum Container

Plastic Drum Container
Volume Range:
400L - Max load 300kg
1360 mm
600 mm
800 mm
34 Kg to 37 Kg

As a leader in design and engineering and specialist in polymer conversion, RPC Promens offers:

The Drumtainer the mobile overpack for standard drums. It is the large castors, the spacious handgrips and the push bars which make the Drumtainer convenient to handle by hand.

Features of the Plastic Drum Container:

• Lifting and transporting the Drumtainer by fork lift truck is also possible.
• There is an integrated spill containment function replaces the need of a space consuming separate spill containment and with that the labor intensity of lifting the drum onto the spill containment.
• The non-corrosive Drumtainer is hygienic.
• The drum is positioned slightly tilted in the Drumtainer which facilitates an almost complete emptying of the drum by pump. Hence there will be fewer remains in the drum and therefore less cleaning is required.~
• The special wagon version allows multiple Drumtainers to be connected and transported.
• In addition the design of the Drumtainer will support the professional image of your company.


Application The Drumtainer is a mobile overpack designed for convenient transport, storage and handling of standard drums of 200—230 litre.
Maximum density Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1.5 kg/liter
Material Tank: Polyethylene (LLDPE)
Chassis: Stainless Steel 1,4301 (304)
Length with opened lid (mm) 906
Height with opened lid (mm) 1900
Stacking Non stackable

Vibration test: According to the test standard ASTM 4169-08, DC2
Schedule E (vehicle vibration), assurance level II. §12.4, ASTM D 4728-06 Method A & B

DIBt approval: Spill container for drums - Z-40.22-478 (standard version only) 

UN: Overpack certification. Within the framework of the regulation for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR)

Labels Identification label
DIBt label
Overpack label
Orientation arrows label
Safety label
Optional: Customer specific information on labels on front
Optional Wagon version (without DIBt approval)
Max. load behind wagon (kg) 700 700
Colour Outer Container Colour outer container Light grey, Light blue, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Colour Lid Colour lid Light grey, Light blue, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Wheels Wheels 2x swivel castor with brake and 2x fixed castors, blue PU thread

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