Unique Design Not Making Waves

Unique Design Not Making Waves

The manufacturing expertise and technical support provided by RPC Promens Międzyrzecz have been instrumental in the development of a specialised ‘floating island’ that dissipates wave energy and acts as a buffer to wind action.

The Wavebreaker from Unit Parktech AG is a customised modular system, which is easily anchored and adjustable and can be tailored to the specific requirements of each application. It is used both to protect and encourage plants and wildlife, and also to ensure the ideal conditions for water sports events.

The hexagonal design of the Wavebreaker reduces wave height and frequency by 80%. In its ecological role, the open central section provides a planting area for various species and also creates a floating habitat or shelter for aquatic animals and birds. For effective water treatment, the root matrix absorbs pollutants, and filters and retains suspended soils, while the beneficial bacteria it encourages can improve the nitrogen cycle.

At water sports venues, the Wavebreaker acts as a breakwater unit to reduce waves and smooth out the water, to provide the best conditions for all activities.

The HDPE system offers a highly durable and UV resistant construction that will not rot and  requires no maintenance. It is suitable for rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs and ponds.

“Wavebreaker provides an aesthetically-pleasing and long-term wave reduction solution,” comments Stefan Jandke, Unit Parktech’s CEO. “We are delighted with Promens’ contribution to this project, which is the result of the trust and cooperation which exists between our two companies.”

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