Smart Solution for Chemicals

Smart Solution for Chemicals

RPC Promens Industrial Deeside has developed a versatile solution for the packing and transit of all types of chemicals.

UN-approved for the transportation of hazardous goods, the innovative SmartCan®, available in 10, 12.5, 20 and 25 litre sizes, combines a variety of user-friendly features with a reliable, robust yet aesthetic design that can be tailored to individual branding requirements.

The use of defined corner ribs in the manufacture of the container provides added strength and stability for effective stacking, while at the same time reducing overall weight and avoiding unnecessary wall thickness. As a result SmartCan® is some 10-15% lighter than comparable containers from the current RPC Promens ranges.

The square profile of the container and the incorporation of special stacking knots provide a 180° stacking facility.  An improved handle design, with greater hand clearance, and a special wide and deep finger area in the base ensure easy and safe handling and pouring. The conical neck design optimises emptying and also protects the cap from contact with other containers during transit.

SmartCan® can be specified with the newly redesigned DIN61 Premier cap, which is particularly suitable for chemical applications where UN certification is required. Venting membranes stabilise pressure in the container to allow gas exchange, while providing a dependable barrier against bacterial infection.  The redesigned closure is more aesthetically pleasing and features a tamper-evident band and an EPE washer for safe sealing.

The large labelling area of the SmartCan® enables companies to create effective branding and on-shelf impact, while the container design incorporates special label panel protectors that ensure labels remain intact when the containers are stacked side by side. In addition, a removable insert at the top of the label panel allows customers to include their own logo or special text engraving for further brand differentiation and on-shelf presence. The DIN61 Premier cap can also be specified in a variety of colours for enhanced branding.

The 20 and 25 litre versions incorporate a view stripe for easy monitoring of remaining liquid.

SmartCan® offers valuable sustainability benefits thanks to its weight optimisation and the extensive network of RPC Promens factories which minimises distances to filling locations.


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