Politainer™ Gets Even Greener

Politainer™ Gets Even Greener

RPC Promens has launched a ‘green’ version of its market-leading Politainer™ UN-approved combi pack incorporating a container manufactured from renewable resources.

The Politainer™, available in sizes from 1 to 30 litres, features a PE container for the transport and dispense of liquids held within a sturdy cardboard outer.  The original design already offers a number of strong sustainability benefits with the combination delivering a 50-75% material reduction compared to rigid containers, while empty packs are shipped flat packed, which minimises the impact of transportation.

Now the latest version uses PE manufactured from sugar cane for the container.  The sugar cane is harvested and processed into syrup, which is then converted into Ethanol from which the special Green Polyethylene is produced. This use of a renewable resource reduces the consumption of oil and gas, while the growth of the sugar cane also helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

The result is a solution where over 80% of the finished pack comes from renewable resources.  It has been certified by the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, giving users the option to use the ‘I’m Green’ logo to demonstrate their sustainability credentials to their customers.

This is the first use of a sugar cane based polymer in a flexible pack.


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