Plastic Pallets Prove the Safe Choice

Plastic Pallets Prove the Safe Choice

High quality, increased safety and full recyclability are three of the major factors driving demand for RPC Sæplast Americas’ range of rotational moulded pallets in the USA.

Leading food processor West Liberty Foods in Iowa has adopted Sæplast pallets as part of its commitment to become a landfill free company and to adhere to the highest standards of food safety. In particular, the company says that the Sæplast pallets offer enhanced reliability and performance compared to the injection moulded versions it had previously used.

“While our original plastic injection moulded pallets provided greater food safety, they were brittle and difficult to sanitize,” explains Mr Rick Lindsay, Warehouse Manager of West Liberty Foods. “They also proved to be a high cost solution due to their lack of durability. We therefore converted to the Sæplast rotationally moulded pallets and triple wall polyethylene containers and both have performed exceptionally well.

“For example, over a year we have broken just two Sæplast pallets compared to the hundreds of injection moulded ones during a similar period, and although the initial purchase costs are higher, the overall cost of ownership is significantly lower than any other option we have tried or analysed. The same is true for our processing bins, which have proved superior in all aspects including the amount of water and sanitizer required to clean them.”

This success underlines the growing popularity and the need for plastic pallets in North America. Wood remains the most widely-used material, but in markets such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals in particular, demand for plastic continues to grow. This is due to the material’s ability to mitigate the risk of bacteria cross contamination, the pallets’ significantly longer lifespan than wood, and the fact that they can be completely recycled.

RPC Sæplast Americas Inc. offers a wide range of rotational moulded pallets all of which are manufactured in 100% foodgrade polyethylene.

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