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ESE World B.V. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of solutions for the temporary storage of waste and recyclables. ESE is able to offer customers the most efficient systems by combining over 80 years of experience with the latest technical know-how. ESE is committed to providing innovative and sustainable products along with first-rate customer service.

ESE operates globally and serves the entire waste management industry, the main customers being municipalities and waste management firms, both public and private. Sales offices all over Europe and specialized export contacts worldwide ensure excellent customer support and know-how transfer.

The portfolio offers a wide range of products and services meeting the requirements of the waste management industry, no matter which application or market:

  • 2- and 4-wheel containers from 40 to 1100 litres with a wide range of options and accessories
  • pre-sorting bins
  • bring systems with volumes up to 5000 litres including underground and semi-underground systems and collection banks
  • litter bins for public spaces made from steel or plastics and tailor-made to fit the customer’s design concept
  • hazardous-waste containers
  • product-related full life-cycle services.

ESE has manufacturing facilities in Germany and France with industry-leading production capacity. Strategic locations minimize logistic effort and transport emissions.

Sustainability was integrated into ESE’s corporate strategy early on with the development of more eco-friendly products, sustainable production principles and reduction of material and energy use.

With decades of experience in using recycled plastics, ESE today is able to produce the circular life-cycle bin – made from up to 100% recycled plastics. ESE bins have become the first in the world to be awarded the globally recognized Blue Angel ecolabel, underlining the company’s ability to support its customers’ objectives of meeting sustainability targets and pursuing environmentally friendly policies.

Particular attention is given to product quality. Products are produced, tested and certified in accordance with all national and international norms and conform to the world's highest quality standards.

Constant dialogue between customers worldwide and ESE’s central development team, comprising international specialists, ensures continuous innovation and testifies to ESE’s determination to be always one step ahead.

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